University of Swansea

University Colleges and Facilities
(Swansea, Wales)

The university of Swansea is divided into ten schools. These schools are composed of several courses and subjects, with their own specialised teaching and research centres.

School of Arts

This school focuses on the liberal and innovative teaching of English, French, Hispanic Studies, German, Russian, Italian, Welsh, and Translation.

School of Business and Economics

This school is dedicated to teaching and research in the fields of Economics and Business to mould the country's future entrepreneurs and economists.

School of Engineering

This school is devoted to maintaining and improving teaching and research methods in the various fields of engineering.

School of Environment and Society

This school focuses on developing teaching and research methods for societal and environmental sustainability, as well as 'Third Mission' activities.

School of Health Science

Founded in 1991, this school is driven to develop quality research methods and clinical health practices.

School of Human Sciences

This school focuses on research and teaching activities in the fields of sports science, applied social sciences, psychology, and childhood studies.

School of Humanities

This school was born out of the strong links between the fields of History, Philosophy, American Studies, Politics and International Relations, and Classics, Ancient History, and Egyptology.

School of Law

This school offers undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes in the field of Legal Education.

School of Medicine

This school was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to quality research and teaching in the field of Medical education.

School of Physical Sciences

This school is comprised of three departments and is dedicated to teaching and research in the fields of atomic physics, particle physics theory, computational science, logic, algebra, and interaction technologies.

Swansea University

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