University of Swansea

Map of Swansea
(Swansea, Wales)

Swansea is a coastal city, located on the southern side of Wales and within the historic country of Glamorganshire. After Cardiff, Swansea is the second-largest and most populated Welsh city, with the main places of interest being concentrated around both the city centre and the bay.

The university campus resides alongside Singleton Park and close to the Brynmill area, where many properties are available for students to rent, around streets such as Bryn Road and Malvern Terrace. Landlord insurance often provides only a basic cover, so students should be aware of this and budget this factor in when calculating overall costs. Therefore, student insurance is often applicable. The proximity to the campus is the main reason for staying in this part of Swansea, meaning that transportation costs are not a factor when budgeting.

Those with visiting parents will find that the guest houses located along Mumbles Road are particularly convenient and well-placed. The Maritime Quarter is also a popular place to stay and just a short drive away, being reached along Mumbles Road / Oystermouth Road.

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